PROJECT 100 VOLCANOES - expedition - highest volcanoes in the world

Expedition 2015/2016 - Information and Itinerary - The highest volcanoes in the world (the jubilee expedition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PROJECT 100 VOLCANOES).
November 15 (2015) I will begin 112-day lonely travel to South America and North America (in the 100 VOLCANOES PROJECT). I'll try to determine which volcano is the highest active volcano on Earth, and by the way to verify the existence of the uppermost lake in the world. In addition, the aim is to explore the most active and most dangerous volcanoes in the two continents (also the highest, altitude over 5,000 meters to almost 7,000 meters). I'm going to do acclimatization on the highest mountain outside Asia - Aconcagua 6962m.


-- Determination which the volcano is the highest active volcano in the world, including the exploration of volcanoes Ojos del Salado 6896m (the highest volcano in the world, which is considered the highest active volcano in the world, the second mountain of South America) and Llullaillaco 6739m (competes for the title of the highest active volcano with Ojos del Salado). Countries: Chile, Argentina).

-- Volcanoes of Mexico: Popocatepetl 5426m (the most active volcano of Mexico, the second mountain of Mexico and the second highest volcano in North America) and Pico de Orizaba 5636m (the highest volcano in North America with melting small glacier at the summit).


-- Acclimatization on the highest mountain in South America - Aconcagua 6962m  (Argentina).

-- Finding in the massif of the volcano Ojos del Salado the highest situated lake in the world, which should be located at a height of 6390m above sea level, whether it's indeed a lake or just a puddle? Countries: Argentina, Chile.

-- Ojos del Salado - look at the melting small glaciers.

-- Exploration area of the Pissis volcano 6793m (the second highest volcano in the world and the second mountain of South America) countries: Argentina, Chile.

-- Exploration one of the most active volcanoes in South America -  Sangay approx. 5300m in Ecuador.

-- Massif of Colima Volcano 3850m - one of the most active in North America.

EXTRAS: Villarrica volcano 2850m, Volcanoes of Easter Island (Chile), Yellowstone National Park, Mount St. Helens 2549m, Craters of the Moon (USA).

Kilometers: more than 50 000.

Expedition 2015/2016 - ITINERARY

15-16 November) - Flight Warsaw  - Santiago.

17-25 November) - Villarrica volcano 2850m and surrounding area.

26 November - 4 December) - Volcanoes of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) - Terevaka, Rano Kau, Poike.

5-23 December) - Travel to Argentina, acclimatization on Aconcagua 6962m and return to Chile.

24 December - 14 January) - Copiapo and exploration of Ojos del Salado volcano (6891m), and Pissis area (6793m, Chile/Argentina). Polish climbers initiated the exploration of these volcanoes almost a hundred years ago.

15-26 January) - Llullaillaco volcano 6739m (border Chile/Argentina). 

27 January - 5 February) - Travel toward Mexico, staying in the area of the volcano Sangay (approx. 5300m) in Ecuador (the most active volcano of the country).

6-23 February) - Mexico, exploration of volcanoes Popocatepetl (5426m) and Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltepetl, 5636m), possibly a volcano of Colima.

24 February - 3 March) - USA, an area of Yellowstone National Park and the Craters of the Moon also, possibly Mount St. Helens area.

4 - 5 March) - Flight Seattle - Warsaw. End of the expedition.


Grzegorz (Gregory) Gawlik

On the pictures around the highest volcanoes on Earth in Chile:

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